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"...textiles go to war, textiles go to space, become roof, choke an oil spil, imitate a heart, hold you safely in your seat, hoist tea bags, support tires, diaper babies, line roads, keep you dry, wrap wounds..."
   (American Textile Manufacturers Institute- ATMI)
Ross Consulting & Services- who we are?
  • Ph.D. in Industrial Technology with a thesis in NONWOVENS INDUSTRY with a focus in RECYCLED PRODUCTS
  • Career changers with a large experience in both FINANCE MANAGEMENT and ENGINEERING
  • More than 15 years experience in the consumers goods industry with a focus on customer‘s requirements
  • Excellent previous research results
  • Speaking fluent: German, English, French and, Romanian.
We have a wide range of training offer from technical training to project management and management coaching. TrainingX is a registred mark of Dr. Corina Ross.
Ross Consulting & Services
Your best consulting firm in the textile and nonwovens industry.
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TrainingX is a registered trademark of Dr. Corina Ross.
Please send us your inquires.
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